Suspect Shots Fired: Cam’ron Calls Kanye West’s Flamboyant Fashion Sense ‘Wild Gay’ In New Diss Track

Cam’ron Calls Kanye West’s Fashion Wild Gay In New Song!

kanye-west-watch-the-throne         camronpink

Wasn’t Cam wearing pink fur and other suspect gear??

Cam’ron Calls Kanye West’s Fashion Wild Gay In New Song

Via Hot New Hip Hop reports:

As a man who’s been known to rock plenty of pink furs, you’d think Cam’ron would be pretty open to adventurous fashion choices. However, on a new track from his 1st Of The Month Vol. 3

EP, the Dipset rapper has questioned former Roc-A-Fella collaborator Kanye West‘s penchant for leather skirts, which brings to mind that he’s also the rapper who popularized the phrase, “No Homo”.

“Mr. West, what up? it’s been a while Ye/ your music is tough, but them skirts is wild gay” raps Cam on “Back On Our Bulls**t”.

This is not the first time Ye has been criticized by a fellow rapper for wearing a Givenchy kilt on stage, but chances are he’s not too concerned about it. Check out some backstage footage of Ye giving a bit of background on the kilt here.

Listen to Cam’s “Back On Our Bulls**t” where diss comes at the 0:48 mark. What do you think of Cam’s diss song?? –



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