Fabolous Rants About ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Via Twitter, Fabolous is just about fed up with this generation!!


Say it with your chest. And that’s exactly what Fabolous did earlier today, well pretty much. Earlier today Loso took to Twitter to air a few things out. From 4:07pm-4:37pm Fab went on to rant about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and called this generation the “do what everybody else think is cool

so that’s what ima do,” generation. Loso also mentioned the slew of R.I.P.’s that people posted and tweeted in light of Joan River’s passing. Now it’s been quite some time since we’ve had a solid project from Fab and we’re still waiting on Loso’s Way 2. Fab’s been pretty quiet music wise, aside from his remixes to popular hip hop hits from time to time, but Fab definitely isn’t quiet on social media. Watch the rant unfold below, Fab makes some really good points. Let us know your thoughts.




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